Items Completed :D

Walk all the way home from school (1/30/13)

Go to a masquerade  (2/22/13)

Attend the Festival of Colors (3/16/13)

Go to Spain (3/22-3/25/13)

Go see the Louvre (3/27/13)

See Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in Spain (3/24/13) -inside (11/14/15)

Sit on the Park Guell in Barcelona (3/24/13)

See the Notre Dame Cathedral (3/28/13)

Buy art at the Place du Tertre (3/29/13)

Walk down the Hall of Mirrors (3/29/13)

Help someone cross something off their list  (6/4/13)

Get my palm read (6/9/13)

Learn to play poker (7/13)

Complete Michael Scott's Nicholas Flamel Series (9/13)

Watch all the Harry Potter movies (10/13)

Go to a comic book store (4/26/14)

Order something off of Jamba Juice's Secret Menu -White Gummi Bear (7/10/14)

Walk around the Colosseum in Italy (4/1/15)

Eat real Italian gelato (4/1/15)

Tour the Papal Palace (4/3/15)

See St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican (4/3/15)

Receive admittance to Syracuse University (5/4/15)

Go to California Adventure (6/17/15) rides (6/4/16)

Watch a TV show taping (8/12/15)

Visit Washington D.C. (8/21/15)

Study Abroad (8/23/15-12/10/15)

Visit the Glass Palace in Madrid, Spain (8/30/15)

Take a cooking class (10/1/15)

See the Alhambra in Spain (10/3/15)

Listen to "Part of Your World" by the Little Mermaid statue (10/24/15)

Plan and take a solo trip (11/5/15-11/9/15) - no people I know there (3/6/17-3/11/17)

See Big Ben in England (11/6/15)

See Buckingham Palace (11/6/15)

Take the Harry Potter Studio tour in London (11/7/15)

Drink a butterbeer (11/7/15)

Ride a ferris wheel (11/8/15)

Learn to surf (11/19/15)

Walk up the 16th ave. stairs in San Francisco (5/3/16)

Visit the Parthenon (2/4/17)

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain (2/10/17)

Ride a gondola in Venice (2/18/17)

Ride a camel (3/7/17)

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