Monday, December 30, 2013

Keep a daily diary for a year

     Instead the physical diary that i'd wanted to keed for a year, ive decided i want to try something different. Since i was little, at most 5 years old, ive tried keepig diaries. why? umm, well.. i dont quite know... i probably saw it in a movie, or on tv. Either way, it really hasnt quite worked out; either i forget to write, or im lazy to write, or i am unable to write and the idea just goes downhill. I really liked the idea of writing though. I like story-telling, and reading little stories involving me. I like writing too (though my penmenship SUCKS!) and writing is a lot easier than talking and sharing. Theres just certain things you cant really share with people; im already not a very easily trusting person, so writing is perfect to say whats really going on in my head, without really sharing with anyone else. Journaling is really cool in that way, i can write myself a little story for me to read in the future and remember things. Thats why whenever i attempted writing, i write like im talking to an actual person that'll read it. Quite frankly, its very reader friendly... I even put in little sidenotes just to help myself remember things in case i forget in the future. 
     Like i said before, ive tried keeping the diary MANY times. I tried in little books when i was little, then when i was 11 i tried on my phone (it was read though, so that was kinda what stopped me), when i was 13 i tried in notebooks, then at 14 i tried on my laptop (the most succesful so far - at least 200 days continuously), at 15 i tried my phone again, (that gets taken away too often to be a stable thing though), and now finally at 16 i'm going to try electronically again.
     Thats the picture i saw that sparked some cuiosity. I was thinking it was one of those things where like you physically write like your goals for before you hit 30, and on your 30th birthday they track you down, mail you the list, and you see what youve accomplished. . . Well, its kinda like that.. 
     See, theres the format i found when i checked out the site. I signed up, and sent myself a letter for my 18th birthday already, so i got to thinking that i should continue. Instead of physically writing in diaries for me to read in the future, or doing an electronic diary i save as a file that could get lost or deleted, i can email myself. I mean, ive already had that experience: something important happens, i cant tell anyone right that second, so i draft an email and write it all there. This is different though. How often do i really look at my drafts anyway? Besides, its too recent to be reading them anyway. So with, itll just take what i write and save it for me in an email, dated and everything, and just sent it to me on whatever date i choose to have it delivered. So thats gonna be my new way of journaling, everyday beginning 1/1/2014, im going to log onto FutureMe, and write to myself. Itll be my own personal diary available to myself in the future. Perfect.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Participate in La Tomatina

You know the typical food fight scene in movies or shows: -someone throws something at someone, it hits someone else, so that someone else gets mad, trows food back, but it doesnt hit the person that hit them, and then the line -- "FOOD FIGHT!!!" comes in and the cafeteria bursts into chaos.- This, is exactly what ive wanted to experience since i was about 5 and saw it on Disneychannel. Being that my middleschool AND highschool are abnormal and super small, its not like the average school. We only have about 150 students per grrade, and we have no cafeteria, we have outside sitting areas with tables/benches. Thats not really quite the same as on tv, which kinda sucks (my school also doesnt have lockers, and is only basically 1 or 2 main buildings and a bungalo) so its not a good setting for a food fight.
     when i was looking up other peoples pucket list though, i came across, i guess you could say "adult-version," of a food fight: La Tomatina. Difference being, its all tomatoes, its a PUBLIC thing, its in Spain, and you cant get in trouble for it ;D
     Now THAT sounds cool! So its totally something i have to do when im older, i must participate in this annual tomato-throwing festival in Spain.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Visit Luxembourg

A person from Luxembourg viewed my blog.. I didn't even know Luxembourg was a place! It wasn't visible on the little map either, so i googled it x) Apparently its a little country in between France, Belgium, and Germany. I's official languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish. <-- Its such a strange name, not even Blogger recognized it! It had the little red underline as if i misspelled it.
According to Wikipedia: Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and ranked 179th in size of all the 194 independent countries of the world; the country is about 2,586 square kilometres (998 sq mi) in size, and measures 82 km (51 mi) long and 57 km (35 mi) wide.
Thats so tiny!! You could literally drive through the country in an hour -_- ...I absolutely HAVE to go now! :D
Vianden Castle
Grand Ducal Palace

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harry Potter Docket

First off, I'd like to say that the title of this post, "Harry Potter docket" is only called that because, "Harry Potter to-do list" sounded really lame, so i looked up another word... docket just sounded different and cool ( plus if you say it with a British accent, if fits well(; )
Anyways, so I've been a Harry Potter fan since 2nd grade, when i started the series, i stopped later by like 4th grade but i had the first 4 movies, so i was up to date past what i had read. Someone had bought me Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (year 4) for i believe my 9th birthday and i tried watching it sooooo many times! It always failed. It wasnt until sophomore year when i needed some points, thast i decided to cheat a bit and watch the movie. Finally. I got re-into the series, so i went on to read  Order of the Phoenix (year 5) saw the movie, saw the 6th movie, and finally read Deathly Hallows by January before second semester. I wanted of course to see the movies for the 7th book, especially now that i had read it. Eventually, by sometime in June, I rented part one of the movie. Now I have 1 movie left to watch!


In the previews to Deathly Hallows part 1 (i couldnt fast forward through them all -_-) there came up stuff about the opening to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida and how the cast totally loved it and how it was so realistic. They drank butterbeer, went in to the Weasley's shop, and other stuff around the park. My mouth was hanging open, :O my eyes were huge. O_O I was in AWE. I was like,"OMG I NEEEEED TO GO!!!!" 

1. Finish watching the movies.

 2. Go to the Wizarding World  of Harry Potter.

 3. Try a Butterbeer at Hogsmeade

 4. Buy a wand at Ollivanders

 5. Receive an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.


#5 there i actually found out when i was looking at and they had it it on their list. I looked into it and i found you can really get a personalized letter on for like $30 which isnt all that bad... I cant wait :D ( may even have some BETTER ones!)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Get my palm read

So today I went to San Pedro with my mom, my sister, my mom's friend from France, his nephew and his girlfriend (they sound young just because unsaid nephew, but they aren't, there like 20-something), and then Jacob (the nephew)'s friend Roger. We ended up at one of the shops, and my mom noticed they did palm readings. I went to ask the lady at the counter about it, and she told me to wait a bit because there was someone in there. Once they were done, the lady from behind the counter led me in to the little area and she had me sit down and put my left palm face up. Here's what she said: (mind you, this was in Spanish, and it's not all that easy to remember everything)
What i was glad to hear was that when she started, right off the bat she told me i had many years ahead of me. Then she said that I have trust issues, and I can be confided in, but I don't confide in others easily. I am an emotional person, but I keep it all to myself. I have many bright paths ahead of me. There is an assignment that's pretty big that I haven't gotten around to. She also said that it's hard for me to let myself go so I haven't found someone to really love the way I want to, but there is a person I'm interested in. She said not to feel bad about not being in love, because i don't love easily, and not to rush into love, to let love find me. Apparently my first child is gonna be a boy. Oh, and I have a spirit always guiding me, watching over me. So she asked me what close relative of mine had died, so I told her my great-grandpa, then she said to fill up a glass of water when I think of him on Monday, and throw out the water on Tuesday. That apparently is to welcome the spirit. Then she said that I am very amiable, yet jealous, but I keep the truths in until I get mad and argue, I reveal things. she also mentioned that I like to be treated to things, but I don't like asking for it, and I'm not a generous person really, so I don't feel comfortable to ask for the generosity from others. The last thing she mentioned was that I have a positive aura, and a good being within me.
I don't quite remember the rest, but she told the truth completely, like she hit the nail on the head for everything she said.
At first I thought it was gonna be the typical things about the life line, the money line, the heart line, and that kinda stuff, but it really wasn't, and she really did understand and grasp other concepts about me. It was really cool, I'm glad I did it.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Go on a cruise somewhere

Since that commercial on Disneychannel, Ive wanted to go on one of the Disney Cruises. Theres the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and Disney Wonder (the only one that leaves from L.A.). I looked up the Disney Wonder awhile ago, but thats the one i remember liking the least... I know for sure that it was the Disney Dream that was my favorite of the ships. I think the best part of the whole cruise thing is that theres places which are teens only, AMAZING right! So according to (Vibe is the name of the club) To insure that only teens enjoy Vibe, teens must present a special coded Key to the World card to access the lounge. Although designated as a teens-only hangout, Vibe is chaperoned by some of the coolest counselors at sea in such a way to make teens feel as unrestricted and comfortable as they can possibly be.  
So next year, when i'm 17, is my last chance to go and still be allowed into the teen-only things :( I really need to go before June of 2015, but I want to go with someone my own age you know? Like it'd be alright alone, but it'd be awesome to have someone to spend time with in the teen things when i'm there. For now though, its a work in progress....

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank someone for a "lollipop moment"

No matter what, i always try to embrace that lame and cheesy, and frankly ANNOYING phrase of "treat others the way you want to be treated" that we all learn in elementary. As much as i hate those words, i do try to embrace them. If its some tiny situation, like just staying and talking to someone when their friends arent there, i will make the effort to stay. Why? Because i wouldnt want to be in that situation myself, i HATE that awkward situation of having my friends not with me, and oddly finding a friend i dont talk to as much and talking to them. Theres people that will aknowledge the people that come up to them in that way, but still pay more attention to the group that they were already talking to, but then theres other people, like what i try to be, that will force myself out of the group i was in, and give the awkward person my attention instead. I know i hate that situation, and i'd love if more people did that, if more people thought the way i do in certain situations like that. I know that if i was that awkward person who was left without my friends there with me for whatever reason, i would be sooo grateful to someone who would make the attempt to stop the awkwardness. I do it, and i know it makes a difference in their head, having that relief of "oh good, someone to talk to so im not alone."
I've had people do little things here and there that im really glad for at the moment, that make a difference in my mood for the day, or my outlook on certain things. Maybe they haven't completely changed my life in some spectacular way, but that tiny action had an impact. Maybe ive had an impact in that way as well.
My way of thinking in that empathetic way, thinking that i did make a tiny difference, all came tgether one day in English. We were watching a TED video which i thought was so inspiring and true, it really kind of put words to how i thought about things, and it is my favorite of all the TED videos ive seen. It's short, but its a good video; it motivated me to thank someone for a future "lollipop moment."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learn the Language of Flowers

Venus' Car
(Bleeding Heart) -
fly with me

Lily of the Valley -
return of happiness
Red Tulip -
declaration of love
Kennedia -
Mental Beauty

My fascination with the meanings of flowers really sprouts from my enjoyment from learning new means of communication. I always liked languages, even dead ones like Latin, just to be able to communicate with someone without anyone else understanding. That's why when i was younger i totally LOVED learning sign language, and Morse code, and other forms of cryptography. There's even one I still use today to write little notes between Liseli and I; its originally called pigpen code, but we tweaked it a bit, and renamed it Laili (a combination of our names). Anyways, read a book once, Evermore by Alyson Noel (awesome book by the way :D) and it mentions a language of flowers in it, but its like a really minor detail in a way.So then once, I needed a book to read, and Liseli lent me the book The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. At first it seemed a bit lame, because of the cover, and it was a bit confusing in the first couple chapters.... but then as it went on it was a really cute story, and the part about the actual language was really interesting. Apparently his language came about in the Victorian Era as a way to communicate with each other. Someone would write a letter using flowers (with a couple words here and there of course) and then the person who received the letter would go grab their flower dictionary and decipher it. I don't know if its just me and my weirdness, but i found it pretty cool that you can talk to people using flowers. This whole thing even inspired me to have my future daughter's middle name be Kennedia, mental beauty. My name, depending on the type of Daisy, could mean different things, either: Innocence, I share your sentiments, Farewell/Afterthought, beauty, or I will think of it. So i am now determined to memorize every flower and meaning there is right now. My study guide: of course (: 

I have a message for you
Wild Daisy -
I will think of it

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Henna Tatoo

Ive never quite been a fan of needles, but then again, who is? So needle-phobia = no tattoos, and no more piercings (the first ones i go when i was 2 months old, so they dont quite count). Tattoos are permanent anyways, and just the thought of ink in some wrinkly old skin is pretty odd, and unappealing.... Anyways, well an amazing alternative to real tattoos: HENNA tattoos. Yup, amazing. No pain, No permanent-ness, and they're really pretty, perfect.
    Well i'd gotten one when i was 9, a small one on my wrist. Then i got one a couple years ago at one of my best friend's and her twin brother's bar/bat mitzvah party. Of course that one was pretty, but it wasnt that extensive, i think id gotten it on my ankle or something, and like it was nice, but its not like the one in that first picture up there. So ive always wanted a really dark detailed one that lasts. i know that its really kinda gonna bug me at first, well not bug, but like its gonna feel odd. like even when i get my nails done, after theyre done and fully dry, i still get that really careful, odd feeling that I'm gonna mess them up.
    so I was looking up some henna tattoo places, I found a couple on There was one in studio city, 18 minutes away from my house. My mom said apparently there was a place on the Santa Monica pier too, but I couldn't really look that up.. So then, I looked at this other one that's in Northridge, 20 minutes away from home, and apparently it's $10 & UP according to aunt said she was gonna take me because of course she wants one too, so now I just need to pick a day. :D