Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank someone for a "lollipop moment"

No matter what, i always try to embrace that lame and cheesy, and frankly ANNOYING phrase of "treat others the way you want to be treated" that we all learn in elementary. As much as i hate those words, i do try to embrace them. If its some tiny situation, like just staying and talking to someone when their friends arent there, i will make the effort to stay. Why? Because i wouldnt want to be in that situation myself, i HATE that awkward situation of having my friends not with me, and oddly finding a friend i dont talk to as much and talking to them. Theres people that will aknowledge the people that come up to them in that way, but still pay more attention to the group that they were already talking to, but then theres other people, like what i try to be, that will force myself out of the group i was in, and give the awkward person my attention instead. I know i hate that situation, and i'd love if more people did that, if more people thought the way i do in certain situations like that. I know that if i was that awkward person who was left without my friends there with me for whatever reason, i would be sooo grateful to someone who would make the attempt to stop the awkwardness. I do it, and i know it makes a difference in their head, having that relief of "oh good, someone to talk to so im not alone."
I've had people do little things here and there that im really glad for at the moment, that make a difference in my mood for the day, or my outlook on certain things. Maybe they haven't completely changed my life in some spectacular way, but that tiny action had an impact. Maybe ive had an impact in that way as well.
My way of thinking in that empathetic way, thinking that i did make a tiny difference, all came tgether one day in English. We were watching a TED video which i thought was so inspiring and true, it really kind of put words to how i thought about things, and it is my favorite of all the TED videos ive seen. It's short, but its a good video; it motivated me to thank someone for a future "lollipop moment."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learn the Language of Flowers

Venus' Car
(Bleeding Heart) -
fly with me

Lily of the Valley -
return of happiness
Red Tulip -
declaration of love
Kennedia -
Mental Beauty

My fascination with the meanings of flowers really sprouts from my enjoyment from learning new means of communication. I always liked languages, even dead ones like Latin, just to be able to communicate with someone without anyone else understanding. That's why when i was younger i totally LOVED learning sign language, and Morse code, and other forms of cryptography. There's even one I still use today to write little notes between Liseli and I; its originally called pigpen code, but we tweaked it a bit, and renamed it Laili (a combination of our names). Anyways, read a book once, Evermore by Alyson Noel (awesome book by the way :D) and it mentions a language of flowers in it, but its like a really minor detail in a way.So then once, I needed a book to read, and Liseli lent me the book The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. At first it seemed a bit lame, because of the cover, and it was a bit confusing in the first couple chapters.... but then as it went on it was a really cute story, and the part about the actual language was really interesting. Apparently his language came about in the Victorian Era as a way to communicate with each other. Someone would write a letter using flowers (with a couple words here and there of course) and then the person who received the letter would go grab their flower dictionary and decipher it. I don't know if its just me and my weirdness, but i found it pretty cool that you can talk to people using flowers. This whole thing even inspired me to have my future daughter's middle name be Kennedia, mental beauty. My name, depending on the type of Daisy, could mean different things, either: Innocence, I share your sentiments, Farewell/Afterthought, beauty, or I will think of it. So i am now determined to memorize every flower and meaning there is right now. My study guide: of course (: 

I have a message for you
Wild Daisy -
I will think of it

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Henna Tatoo

Ive never quite been a fan of needles, but then again, who is? So needle-phobia = no tattoos, and no more piercings (the first ones i go when i was 2 months old, so they dont quite count). Tattoos are permanent anyways, and just the thought of ink in some wrinkly old skin is pretty odd, and unappealing.... Anyways, well an amazing alternative to real tattoos: HENNA tattoos. Yup, amazing. No pain, No permanent-ness, and they're really pretty, perfect.
    Well i'd gotten one when i was 9, a small one on my wrist. Then i got one a couple years ago at one of my best friend's and her twin brother's bar/bat mitzvah party. Of course that one was pretty, but it wasnt that extensive, i think id gotten it on my ankle or something, and like it was nice, but its not like the one in that first picture up there. So ive always wanted a really dark detailed one that lasts. i know that its really kinda gonna bug me at first, well not bug, but like its gonna feel odd. like even when i get my nails done, after theyre done and fully dry, i still get that really careful, odd feeling that I'm gonna mess them up.
    so I was looking up some henna tattoo places, I found a couple on There was one in studio city, 18 minutes away from my house. My mom said apparently there was a place on the Santa Monica pier too, but I couldn't really look that up.. So then, I looked at this other one that's in Northridge, 20 minutes away from home, and apparently it's $10 & UP according to aunt said she was gonna take me because of course she wants one too, so now I just need to pick a day. :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

Learn Archery

Its always looked really cool to use a bow-and-arrow to shoot things, its something I've wanted to try for like.. well i don't know, just forever. Then there was my aunt last year in October, who said that Bancroft Junior High apparently had archery in the like late '80s i think. So she said she was really really good at it when she was younger, so i really wanted to try it.
So then Cristal (my "twin") and Alice wanted to do it too, so we started looking up some sites. Cristal found this one, that's like apparently pretty far, in Rancho Park I believe its called. I didn't really feel like going that far, so i found some free lessons at this one park in Balboa. I actually think its Balboa Lake Park... hmm.. well anyways, classes that are free are from 8am to noon, but we yelped it (if that's an actual phrase o_O) and one of the reviews said to get there early 'cause it gets pretty packed.. SO now we decided that we're all gonna go on the 25th this month :D