Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Henna Tatoo

Ive never quite been a fan of needles, but then again, who is? So needle-phobia = no tattoos, and no more piercings (the first ones i go when i was 2 months old, so they dont quite count). Tattoos are permanent anyways, and just the thought of ink in some wrinkly old skin is pretty odd, and unappealing.... Anyways, well an amazing alternative to real tattoos: HENNA tattoos. Yup, amazing. No pain, No permanent-ness, and they're really pretty, perfect.
    Well i'd gotten one when i was 9, a small one on my wrist. Then i got one a couple years ago at one of my best friend's and her twin brother's bar/bat mitzvah party. Of course that one was pretty, but it wasnt that extensive, i think id gotten it on my ankle or something, and like it was nice, but its not like the one in that first picture up there. So ive always wanted a really dark detailed one that lasts. i know that its really kinda gonna bug me at first, well not bug, but like its gonna feel odd. like even when i get my nails done, after theyre done and fully dry, i still get that really careful, odd feeling that I'm gonna mess them up.
    so I was looking up some henna tattoo places, I found a couple on yelp.com. There was one in studio city, 18 minutes away from my house. My mom said apparently there was a place on the Santa Monica pier too, but I couldn't really look that up.. So then, I looked at this other one that's in Northridge, 20 minutes away from home, and apparently it's $10 & UP according to hemanginibeauty.com/our-rates.html ..my aunt said she was gonna take me because of course she wants one too, so now I just need to pick a day. :D

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