Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buy a "suspended" coffee

So i came across this concept of "suspended" coffee while on facebook once. I was browsing through pictures of some page, and this is what i saw:

it was one of those "faith in humanity: RESTORED" kind of things. i read into it and the cafes and other locations that do this are mainly in Europe, so i figure itd be a good thing t try when i go again in March. The idea of providing the homeless with a drink or a meal is not only caring, but satisfying. Instead of giving that person a dollar or two and thinking about what theyre going to do with the money, you know where your money goes. Its not to drugs, or alcohol, it goes to a meal or a drink to save them from being hungry, to really benefit them.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Japanese Mokuhyō (Goal)

To be perfectly honest, the thought of Japan is not quite appealing at first. I think of Tokyo, anime, strangely dressed people, and an annoying ambiance. I know its a bad way to look at it 'cause there's things like the cool technology, cars, and the NYC-like city of Tokyo. That just doesn't appeal to me though, but i found some places that were really pretty and they happen to be in Japan, as well as the melody road, which i thought was suck a great idea.
The Melody Road is this really cool street where you drive down and it plays a tune. This street is made with little pockets, so when someone drives over it at the proper speed, you hear the nice little tune play. Its meant to prevent speeding, so you can listen to the sounds in a harmonious way, not just some cacophony.
I think its pretty cool, more roads should be done this way, we could be a musical world of drivers :)
Now that you've seen, or heard really, one of my goals, here is the next one: walking through the tunnel of lights. It is absolutely breath-taking! Its the picture up at the top that was so pretty it made you wonder where it was..
Then there is the kawachi fuji garden in kitakyushu... i don't think I've ever seen a prettier set of trees and flowers and plants and things... the colors, the placement, the natural beauty is all so beautifully set, i just absolutely have to go see it. Everyone has been through a forest, or some other kind of nature with trees and grass and things where the colors around you are pretty much just shades of green, and brown. That's boring. Nature has some serious mystical and magical qualities that need to be seen and explored.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Spend time in the world's quietest room

Behold! Insanity is once again experimented with by scientists. This room is absolutely insane, personally i am pretty freaked out about hearing me blood flow through me, and my organs working. That's just creepy... o_O Anyway, at first, i thought "ooh i wanna beat the record for staying in the world's quietest room, 45 minutes, not bad." Now though, its like "ehhhh, maybe not." i can last for like 8 minutes max, i'd sit there like, "oh my God what the hell is going ON?!?!?" O_O and i could yell that as loud i possibly could, and not hear it.. so thatd make me go even CRAZIER!
When i first saw this picture on facebook, i knew i wanted to do it, but i had no idea where it was. Minneapolis, Minnesota underground FYI. Minnesota sounds like such a boring state, but hmm.. seems like im gonna have to take a trip there sometime. :)  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

For the year . . .

I know ive neglected to do a lot of the things on my bucket list, but i need that to change. I guess you could take that sort of like a new years resoution: carpe diem. Thats the heme of this entire blog, and i need to live up to it. Since the Buried Life project began in late September of 2012, i have managed to complete only 16 items. This year (2014) I beleieve i can manage about 18 items:
  • Walk all of the Hollywood walk of fame - Ive spent a LOT of time in Holywood, being that i have a lot of family that lives there, yet ive never done the entire walk. Sure ive done stretches of it, but not the ENTIRE thing. Im sure i could manage to finally do it, either by the end of january, or maybe this summer.
  • Try all 31 Baskin Robins flavors - I usually stay within 6 flavors at BR, i kinda wanna expand my horizons though. So by this summer, im dragging my friends to get a 2 tiny scoops every other day until we we try them ALL.
  • Take the trollley - Ive seen the trolley in San Fernando a few times, and its like the cutest little thing ever. It reminds me of Mr. Rogers, so ive wanted to try it. My friend Luz has tried it, apparently its only a quarter to ride :D My aunt wants to try it too, so might as well :)
  • Speak in a British accent for a whole day - Its something liseli and i have wanted to try. We can do it for a couple hours, but then we forget, or we just stop. This year though, for sure we have to do it!
  • Ride a ferris wheel - im still scared of heights, but my friend Lilly and i are gonna go together (this summer hopefully) since its on both of our lists.
  • Obtain a 4.0 GPA - ive done this once before, in 6th grade at the 5 week progress report. Recently i came close, with a 3.79 (4 As, 1 A-, 1 B) so i really think i could do it. All i need to do is actually complete my little chinese projects, some homework, and im good. Hopefully for the 5 week this semester i can do it, but if not i'll keep trying all semester.
  • Order something off Jamba Juice's secret menu - ive gone to jamba juice a couple times, but.. well ive chickened out. its like " ...ehhh, maybe not all of them have all the items.. what if they dont know what im talking about? thatll be AWKWARD." O_O but no, i have to do it ths year, i'll just drag someone with me xp
  • Keep a daily diary for at least a year - well i started today, i just have to remember to do it every day :)
  • Learn morse code - its just dots and dashes, how hard could it be to learn right? well, i'll see..

  • Learn Archery - i didnt end up going to the park to try it out last may, i actually ended up in arizona at my uncles HS Graduation, then the grand canyon.. Sooo obviously that didnt work, but i guess we all have to try it again 
  • Learn how to play chess - my uncle josh kinda knows, so do a couple of my friends, so i can learn from them. if not, i'll just try learning online.
  • Learn the language of flowers - im gonna aim for a letter a week, so i should be done by june. Even without liseli, because well, that didnt quite ork out well, shes busy with AP work, and she doesnt learn all that quickly.. So i shall try with her, but if not, then on my own i shall be. 
  • Have a Twin day with Twin - My Twin ( not my real twin) have tried for years to have a twin day. Cristal and I are born on the same day, an hour and 11 minutes apart. Teachers get us confused a lot, though we dont look all that similar, i mean, we kinda do, but not enough to confuse us. Anyway, since we already confuse people, might as well kick it up a notch. We wanna dress alike for a day, from head to toe. It should be interesting, and we're gonna make it a point to cross this item off both our lists.
  • Get a caricature done of myself - They have a little flee market sort of thing at the Northridge Mall on wednesdays outside the macys parkinglot. I went sometime during my summer vacation before junior year and i saw the caricature guy across from the pony rides, but i was too hesitant to go, so i just didnt. My aunt ended up going again after then and got one done, so now i really wanna do it too, i just avent gone back recently, but i will for sure!
  • Create my own custom font - I found a website i think once that would let me make my own font by printing out their sheet of paper first. the papers had all 26 letters, uppercase and lowercase, numbers 0-9, and symbols as well. i was to copy down all of those into their designated little boxes then scan the pages and my font ould be created. I did everything, but my scanner asnt working, so i never got to finih.. i will though, soon..
  • Attend an actual football game - Being that i don't go to a normal school, we dont have a football team :( no football team means no games. So ive never been to a legit football game and ive alays wanted to, so im gonna find a friend from another school to go with :)
  • Bake a cake from scratch - Well, ive done cakes out of the box, but i really wanna try it from scratch. I think its cool like have to get all dirty and put in actual work to make the cake rather than pouring in mix with other ingredients to mix. I hadnt didnt do it last year since i really dont bake that often anymore, and besides that i absolutely utmost positively HATE dishes, but i'll look past that for this little experiment.
  • Finish Mickeys's Masterpeice and get another pin from the Disney Soda Fountain - ive had a couple attempts to go, or almost-chances, but it never works out, but this year FOR SURE i'll go.