Friday, January 17, 2014

Spend time in the world's quietest room

Behold! Insanity is once again experimented with by scientists. This room is absolutely insane, personally i am pretty freaked out about hearing me blood flow through me, and my organs working. That's just creepy... o_O Anyway, at first, i thought "ooh i wanna beat the record for staying in the world's quietest room, 45 minutes, not bad." Now though, its like "ehhhh, maybe not." i can last for like 8 minutes max, i'd sit there like, "oh my God what the hell is going ON?!?!?" O_O and i could yell that as loud i possibly could, and not hear it.. so thatd make me go even CRAZIER!
When i first saw this picture on facebook, i knew i wanted to do it, but i had no idea where it was. Minneapolis, Minnesota underground FYI. Minnesota sounds like such a boring state, but hmm.. seems like im gonna have to take a trip there sometime. :)  

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