Thursday, May 29, 2014

Japanese Mokuhyō (Goal)

To be perfectly honest, the thought of Japan is not quite appealing at first. I think of Tokyo, anime, strangely dressed people, and an annoying ambiance. I know its a bad way to look at it 'cause there's things like the cool technology, cars, and the NYC-like city of Tokyo. That just doesn't appeal to me though, but i found some places that were really pretty and they happen to be in Japan, as well as the melody road, which i thought was suck a great idea.
The Melody Road is this really cool street where you drive down and it plays a tune. This street is made with little pockets, so when someone drives over it at the proper speed, you hear the nice little tune play. Its meant to prevent speeding, so you can listen to the sounds in a harmonious way, not just some cacophony.
I think its pretty cool, more roads should be done this way, we could be a musical world of drivers :)
Now that you've seen, or heard really, one of my goals, here is the next one: walking through the tunnel of lights. It is absolutely breath-taking! Its the picture up at the top that was so pretty it made you wonder where it was..
Then there is the kawachi fuji garden in kitakyushu... i don't think I've ever seen a prettier set of trees and flowers and plants and things... the colors, the placement, the natural beauty is all so beautifully set, i just absolutely have to go see it. Everyone has been through a forest, or some other kind of nature with trees and grass and things where the colors around you are pretty much just shades of green, and brown. That's boring. Nature has some serious mystical and magical qualities that need to be seen and explored.

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