Friday, May 3, 2013

Learn Archery

Its always looked really cool to use a bow-and-arrow to shoot things, its something I've wanted to try for like.. well i don't know, just forever. Then there was my aunt last year in October, who said that Bancroft Junior High apparently had archery in the like late '80s i think. So she said she was really really good at it when she was younger, so i really wanted to try it.
So then Cristal (my "twin") and Alice wanted to do it too, so we started looking up some sites. Cristal found this one, that's like apparently pretty far, in Rancho Park I believe its called. I didn't really feel like going that far, so i found some free lessons at this one park in Balboa. I actually think its Balboa Lake Park... hmm.. well anyways, classes that are free are from 8am to noon, but we yelped it (if that's an actual phrase o_O) and one of the reviews said to get there early 'cause it gets pretty packed.. SO now we decided that we're all gonna go on the 25th this month :D

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