Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learn the Language of Flowers

Venus' Car
(Bleeding Heart) -
fly with me

Lily of the Valley -
return of happiness
Red Tulip -
declaration of love
Kennedia -
Mental Beauty

My fascination with the meanings of flowers really sprouts from my enjoyment from learning new means of communication. I always liked languages, even dead ones like Latin, just to be able to communicate with someone without anyone else understanding. That's why when i was younger i totally LOVED learning sign language, and Morse code, and other forms of cryptography. There's even one I still use today to write little notes between Liseli and I; its originally called pigpen code, but we tweaked it a bit, and renamed it Laili (a combination of our names). Anyways, read a book once, Evermore by Alyson Noel (awesome book by the way :D) and it mentions a language of flowers in it, but its like a really minor detail in a way.So then once, I needed a book to read, and Liseli lent me the book The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. At first it seemed a bit lame, because of the cover, and it was a bit confusing in the first couple chapters.... but then as it went on it was a really cute story, and the part about the actual language was really interesting. Apparently his language came about in the Victorian Era as a way to communicate with each other. Someone would write a letter using flowers (with a couple words here and there of course) and then the person who received the letter would go grab their flower dictionary and decipher it. I don't know if its just me and my weirdness, but i found it pretty cool that you can talk to people using flowers. This whole thing even inspired me to have my future daughter's middle name be Kennedia, mental beauty. My name, depending on the type of Daisy, could mean different things, either: Innocence, I share your sentiments, Farewell/Afterthought, beauty, or I will think of it. So i am now determined to memorize every flower and meaning there is right now. My study guide: of course (: 

I have a message for you
Wild Daisy -
I will think of it

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