Monday, April 29, 2013

My Future Past

The most peculiar assignment i have gotten so far: writing my own obituary. It sounds insane, crazy, odd, and random, but there is a point to it. Not only do you get to really think about what kind of person you want to be, and the goals you'll make for yourself, but you basically get to write your own fairy-tale. A realistic fairy-tale actually, so when they say "you create your own future," you REALLY got to create it. So here is MY version of the best life possible:

  Daisy Jacquelyn Valadez Garcia was born on Wednesday, June 4th, 1997 in Glendale, California to Karla Garcia and Peter Valadez as their first, and only child together. From her early years, Daisy was inquisitive and eager to learn. She had a knack for language, and excelled in mathematics. She went through school qualified as a Highly Gifted student at Vaughn, her school and second home since age 3. Daisy had her first experience as a world-traveler at age 15 for an International Youth Science and Technology Expo in Shanghai, China. By the end of her high school career, she traveled to Spain, France, Italy, and the Vatican City. She graduated from Vaughn International Studies Academy in 2015 and spent  the summer in preparing to live in Madrid for her first semester at Syracuse University in the fall. In 4 years, she earned her Psychology and Neuroscience ILM degree.
  While attending Syracuse, Daisy studied abroad once more in Florence, Italy and also interned abroad for a summer in Edinburgh, Scotland where she met a man who became the father to her children at age 24. They were blessed to have 2 gemini-oxen children in June. The couple named the twins Juliette Kennedia Ingegniosi (name meaning: youth, mental beauty, and cleverness), and Kendrew Julian Ingegniosi (name meaning: brave, youth, and cleverness). They decided not to give them their parents' lasts names, but rather create a new name to describe the children the way surnames were chosen long ago. When the twins turned 1, her family moved and settled in England to raise them as Daisy continued her studies there. At age 30, Daisy finally married the father of her children at Castle Chateau de La Potherie in France. It was a historically-themed wedding to go along with the location. Every detail was planned out, from the proper attire for each guest and wedding party member, to the meanings of the flowers that surrounded them. It was a small gathering for close friends and family to share the memorable experience. The newly-weds spoiled their children greatly, and provided them with amazing experiences, traveling the world with their parents, learning languages, and seeing awe-worthy sites.
  By the time the children were growing up, Daisy's research in cognitive neuropsychology led to a massive educational reform in the United States. This earned her her first million so she decided to invest further in education. She worked with architect and interior designer, Karim Rashid to create the modernized and advanced schools of student travel funded by Ms. Valadez herself. It was a huge success for the lucky gifted students that were able to attend the Valadez Global Academy. The camaraderie of the students, the integrative learning, genius staff made up of Daisy's colleagues, the apprenticeships offered, and amazing international opportunities gave the students the world at their fingertips which paid off when applying to universities. After many yeats of active involvement in her Academy, Daisy left the school in very capable hands in order to settle down in Europe until she turned 75 with her husband.
  Daisy was very loved by the people around her, and maintained many friendships from her high school and college years. Her home was always the place to be, there was always a very open atmosphere. The children were always entertaining friends from school, and Daisy herself always had friends and family over (like Luz, Liseli, Alice, and their children). She accomplished much in her life, finishing every item on her bucket list before she died peacefully in her sleep at age 102, on March 11, 2100, a year before her husband (and EXACTLY 33 years after her "twin" Cristal). By the time of her death, she knew how to speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Latin, French, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic which she aquired while traveling with the Valadez Global Academy. She was also a published author, and well known neuroscientist. Her last goals were to live on the cruise ship “The World” (which she did from the age of 75), and to live until the 22nd century, which she happily accomplished. She will be greatly missed by the friends and family she left behind. Her funeral services will be held on Sunday, March 14th, at 12pm. The services will be held at the Onoraze Funebri Agostini on Via Tiburtina, 143 Roma, Italia. Your attendance would be much appreciated.


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