Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break Accomplishments ;D

This past spring break, i got to accomplish a few things on my list. First off, Europe in itself though, was an AMAZING opportunity, but what made it even better: the fact that I actually completed things on my list. Going to Spain was the first thing I completed. While there I got to see the Sagrada Familia that Gaudi started, but never finished. I never really took an interest in it, nor would i have, if it werent for the Cheetah Girls 2 movie. Then the next thing was sitting on the bench at Park Guell that the Cheetah Girls sat during the song "Strut" when they first got to Spain. Those 3 were just things that really just came from the 8 year old in me. x)

So the next thing i completed was in the process of getting from Nimes, France to Paris. I rode a train for the very first time ever, not just ANY train, the FASTEST train in Europe, called the TGV. I believe after that, it was going to the Louvre.. So i guess being there, and saying ive been there is pretty cool.. and the fact that it was once for royalty is kinda cool, but like, it still felt like one of those school fieldtrips you get forces to take... Being there walking around was just.... i dont wanna say boring, but it was.. regular, not extraordinary, just well, ordinary. Yes, there were super famous statues and painting, but when you think about it: its just another museum. I know it sounds like im bad-mouthing it, but its not like that. The museum is amazing, but unless you're truely excited by art, and you really think about where you actually are, its just ordinary.. There was a point though, where i did kinda get excited.. walking into the room where the Mona Lisa was, was just like O_O Oh my god, the MONA LISA is like 20 feet away from me.. and its one of the most famous pieces in the world! SO that, i must admit was pretty cool.. but then i got to thinking, "Why are people so hung up on this painting? Its just a painting of some random lady.."
After the Louvre, the next day I believe, I got to go to Notre Dame. This I wanted to do because I really liked the architecture of it when i looked it up. It was huge, and really pretty all the way around. *It snowed a bit when we visited there! another thing i wanted to experience :D* The last day in Paris I accomplished my next item: walk down the Hall of Mirrors. Versailles, i discovered is GINORMOUS! So during an AP Euro project, Cristal came across the Hall of Mirrors, and totally fell in love with the baroque art.. It looked amazing in the pictures, so i was pretty amazed while there. Later that day though, i think was my favorite part. I got to buy art at la Place du Tertre! :D When i went to China, i bought some string art there, so i reallly wanted to but art in Paris. Place du Tertre was perfect too, cuz there was a  lot of street artist, it was pretty cool to read about, then actually physically be there, and like buy some for myself.

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