Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walk home from school


I've ALWAYS wanted to walk home, but I was either always picked up, or I had to stay with my aunt on the same campus. There was never a need for me to walk anywhere really. I figured it'd take like 2 hours to walk home, so I'd probably get home like at 5:30-6 o'clock on a regular school day. That seemed kinda late, so I said I'd finally do it during ESY. As the procrastinator that i am, i had like 3 days left of ESY and i still hadn't done it.. so the very last day of ESY, I decided would be the day to do it. My friends, Jael and Adriana, and I left the school at 1:12pm. We walked to Adrian's house to pick him up, and then to Adriana's (Luz's) house to relax and hang out for a bit. Adrian left, then Jael and I left at like 2pm to continue our walk. I made it all the way into my house at 3:17 so it took like an hour and a half without the break at Luz's house. I was sooo glad when i finally got there, though I'm not sure I'd really wanna do it again.. :T

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