Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harry Potter Docket

First off, I'd like to say that the title of this post, "Harry Potter docket" is only called that because, "Harry Potter to-do list" sounded really lame, so i looked up another word... docket just sounded different and cool ( plus if you say it with a British accent, if fits well(; )
Anyways, so I've been a Harry Potter fan since 2nd grade, when i started the series, i stopped later by like 4th grade but i had the first 4 movies, so i was up to date past what i had read. Someone had bought me Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (year 4) for i believe my 9th birthday and i tried watching it sooooo many times! It always failed. It wasnt until sophomore year when i needed some points, thast i decided to cheat a bit and watch the movie. Finally. I got re-into the series, so i went on to read  Order of the Phoenix (year 5) saw the movie, saw the 6th movie, and finally read Deathly Hallows by January before second semester. I wanted of course to see the movies for the 7th book, especially now that i had read it. Eventually, by sometime in June, I rented part one of the movie. Now I have 1 movie left to watch!


In the previews to Deathly Hallows part 1 (i couldnt fast forward through them all -_-) there came up stuff about the opening to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida and how the cast totally loved it and how it was so realistic. They drank butterbeer, went in to the Weasley's shop, and other stuff around the park. My mouth was hanging open, :O my eyes were huge. O_O I was in AWE. I was like,"OMG I NEEEEED TO GO!!!!" 

1. Finish watching the movies.

 2. Go to the Wizarding World  of Harry Potter.

 3. Try a Butterbeer at Hogsmeade

 4. Buy a wand at Ollivanders

 5. Receive an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.


#5 there i actually found out when i was looking at and they had it it on their list. I looked into it and i found you can really get a personalized letter on for like $30 which isnt all that bad... I cant wait :D ( may even have some BETTER ones!)

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