Sunday, June 9, 2013

Get my palm read

So today I went to San Pedro with my mom, my sister, my mom's friend from France, his nephew and his girlfriend (they sound young just because unsaid nephew, but they aren't, there like 20-something), and then Jacob (the nephew)'s friend Roger. We ended up at one of the shops, and my mom noticed they did palm readings. I went to ask the lady at the counter about it, and she told me to wait a bit because there was someone in there. Once they were done, the lady from behind the counter led me in to the little area and she had me sit down and put my left palm face up. Here's what she said: (mind you, this was in Spanish, and it's not all that easy to remember everything)
What i was glad to hear was that when she started, right off the bat she told me i had many years ahead of me. Then she said that I have trust issues, and I can be confided in, but I don't confide in others easily. I am an emotional person, but I keep it all to myself. I have many bright paths ahead of me. There is an assignment that's pretty big that I haven't gotten around to. She also said that it's hard for me to let myself go so I haven't found someone to really love the way I want to, but there is a person I'm interested in. She said not to feel bad about not being in love, because i don't love easily, and not to rush into love, to let love find me. Apparently my first child is gonna be a boy. Oh, and I have a spirit always guiding me, watching over me. So she asked me what close relative of mine had died, so I told her my great-grandpa, then she said to fill up a glass of water when I think of him on Monday, and throw out the water on Tuesday. That apparently is to welcome the spirit. Then she said that I am very amiable, yet jealous, but I keep the truths in until I get mad and argue, I reveal things. she also mentioned that I like to be treated to things, but I don't like asking for it, and I'm not a generous person really, so I don't feel comfortable to ask for the generosity from others. The last thing she mentioned was that I have a positive aura, and a good being within me.
I don't quite remember the rest, but she told the truth completely, like she hit the nail on the head for everything she said.
At first I thought it was gonna be the typical things about the life line, the money line, the heart line, and that kinda stuff, but it really wasn't, and she really did understand and grasp other concepts about me. It was really cool, I'm glad I did it.

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  1. I have always been kind of freaked out at the idea of getting my palm read but, now I want to do it lol