Friday, June 7, 2013

Go on a cruise somewhere

Since that commercial on Disneychannel, Ive wanted to go on one of the Disney Cruises. Theres the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and Disney Wonder (the only one that leaves from L.A.). I looked up the Disney Wonder awhile ago, but thats the one i remember liking the least... I know for sure that it was the Disney Dream that was my favorite of the ships. I think the best part of the whole cruise thing is that theres places which are teens only, AMAZING right! So according to (Vibe is the name of the club) To insure that only teens enjoy Vibe, teens must present a special coded Key to the World card to access the lounge. Although designated as a teens-only hangout, Vibe is chaperoned by some of the coolest counselors at sea in such a way to make teens feel as unrestricted and comfortable as they can possibly be.  
So next year, when i'm 17, is my last chance to go and still be allowed into the teen-only things :( I really need to go before June of 2015, but I want to go with someone my own age you know? Like it'd be alright alone, but it'd be awesome to have someone to spend time with in the teen things when i'm there. For now though, its a work in progress....

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