Monday, December 30, 2013

Keep a daily diary for a year

     Instead the physical diary that i'd wanted to keed for a year, ive decided i want to try something different. Since i was little, at most 5 years old, ive tried keepig diaries. why? umm, well.. i dont quite know... i probably saw it in a movie, or on tv. Either way, it really hasnt quite worked out; either i forget to write, or im lazy to write, or i am unable to write and the idea just goes downhill. I really liked the idea of writing though. I like story-telling, and reading little stories involving me. I like writing too (though my penmenship SUCKS!) and writing is a lot easier than talking and sharing. Theres just certain things you cant really share with people; im already not a very easily trusting person, so writing is perfect to say whats really going on in my head, without really sharing with anyone else. Journaling is really cool in that way, i can write myself a little story for me to read in the future and remember things. Thats why whenever i attempted writing, i write like im talking to an actual person that'll read it. Quite frankly, its very reader friendly... I even put in little sidenotes just to help myself remember things in case i forget in the future. 
     Like i said before, ive tried keeping the diary MANY times. I tried in little books when i was little, then when i was 11 i tried on my phone (it was read though, so that was kinda what stopped me), when i was 13 i tried in notebooks, then at 14 i tried on my laptop (the most succesful so far - at least 200 days continuously), at 15 i tried my phone again, (that gets taken away too often to be a stable thing though), and now finally at 16 i'm going to try electronically again.
     Thats the picture i saw that sparked some cuiosity. I was thinking it was one of those things where like you physically write like your goals for before you hit 30, and on your 30th birthday they track you down, mail you the list, and you see what youve accomplished. . . Well, its kinda like that.. 
     See, theres the format i found when i checked out the site. I signed up, and sent myself a letter for my 18th birthday already, so i got to thinking that i should continue. Instead of physically writing in diaries for me to read in the future, or doing an electronic diary i save as a file that could get lost or deleted, i can email myself. I mean, ive already had that experience: something important happens, i cant tell anyone right that second, so i draft an email and write it all there. This is different though. How often do i really look at my drafts anyway? Besides, its too recent to be reading them anyway. So with, itll just take what i write and save it for me in an email, dated and everything, and just sent it to me on whatever date i choose to have it delivered. So thats gonna be my new way of journaling, everyday beginning 1/1/2014, im going to log onto FutureMe, and write to myself. Itll be my own personal diary available to myself in the future. Perfect.

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