Thursday, June 4, 2015


     My FAVORITE Latin phrase. (Not that I know a lot). The translation to svos cvltores scientia coronat is "Knowledge crowns those who seek her" and it is the motto of Syracuse University, my home for the next 4+ years of my life.

     The decision to apply to Syracuse University came about in many ways. My path began on college decision sites such as My College Options and Cappex. Keeping my interests in mind, I organized a profile including potential majors, living environment, school size, and school programs I'd like my future university to have. Based on this criteria, I was matched with schools that met most of my wants. Syracuse was one of these schools which originally called my attention based on the motto. Many schools have mottoes that are one or two adjectives or characteristics, but Syracuse had an intriguing phrase that motivated one to learn and be crowned by this knowledge, giving you power of mind.
     It wasn't just the motto that had me impressed, but the campus itself. Nowadays, schools are fancy buildings with a million windows and very modern looks. On television, you see schools with a classic, old style that Syracuse still possesses. These structures to me represent what universities are supposed to be: generations passing through the classics, learning to move forward, but remembering one's roots.
     Looks aren't everything, and the same goes when selecting schools. I researched Syracuse University, and found great programs that I am completely fascinated by. I learned that this school offers Neuroscience as a major, a subject that really gets my attention. In relation to that, there are two minors I saw, Cognitive Science and Logic, that I had to look into that seemed extremely interesting. Then there are the study abroad options which was the final thing that had me sold on attending this school. All these factors greatly influenced me to apply; they all point to success after attending Syracuse University.
     I finally applied using the commonapp as an Early Decision applicant. I scheduled an interview for October to help personalize my application. When I finally had my interview, I was early so the 2 guys that work for Syracuse were talking to my aunt and I about the school. One of them mentioned about this week in April for students that were admitted to come see the campus. I told him I was going to be in Italy for break in April so I probably couldn't make it. As I said this, the man I was supposed to interview with had finished and come out to get me. He told me he overheard me say I was going to Italy and that he thought it'd be best if i met with another lady who was in charge of SU Florence's center for many years. The lady's name was Camille Crites; she was extremely nice, and gave me her email to make sure all my questions in the future were answered. After my interview, I was super confident.
     Along came decision week and I ended up being deffered to regular admission so they could see my 1st semester grades. I only pulled a 3.0, so I was nervous. In March for regular admission, I was waitlisted. The Syracuse dream seemed far-fetched, but I'd already gotten accepted to a school in Spain, so I didn't mind all that much. Finally, decision day came, and for financial reasons, I was not allowed to go to Spain. I had two "choices" for schools now: Pace in NY, and CSUN here 20 minutes away from home. Obviously, I wasn't going to stay here, but I was not happy about Pace being my school. I paid the deposit to Pace friday ($600) and stayed dissappointed every time someone asked where I was going. Monday came, I woke up around 5, which never happens naturally. I went to take a shower and get dressed, and after I was done I checked my phone. At 6:03am I received an email from Syracuse telling me I WAS IN! I was so excited! I told my mom and aunt, and both seemed rather annoyed and frustrated that there was another school they had to deal with.
     I knew Syracuse was the school for me. I argued so many times with them about it. My aunt didn't want to lose her $600 to Pace, and financial aid would not cover everything. I set out to find my own funding and I did, so I accepted Syracuse's offer. That was it. I was going to Syracuse, not only to my top choice, but I was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for my first semester in the Discovery Program. I found someone to cosign a loan for me, paid the deposit out of bank account, and my aunt finally came around to hearing my plans. I'm set to go; the only thing left is to get my spanish visa and I'm off on August 20th!

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