Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Tour the Papal Palace
In my last trip to Europe I was able to go to Avignon, where the papacy was from 1309 to 1377 (68 years). I walked the very halls that 7 popes in history did in the 12th century. This time, spring break 2015, I went to the Vatican, where the papacy has been since it began in the 1st century except for the years in France. I was lucky enough to be able to roam around the Vatican and admire the gorgeous artwork that'd been commissioned by the world's greatest collectors of art: the Pope. So really, this was a 2-part bucket list item, which I am happy to say, I've checked off now. (It's also the smallest country in the world, so double yay for that!)

See St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican
Wow. just wow. This place seats 50.000 people every Sunday, its amazing. There's so much detail in everything. FYI I also got to see the Sistine Chapel. Breath-taking. the room is extremely crowded, you're not allowed to talk, and all you hear being yelled by the guards are "NO PHOTO!" and "SILENZIO"

Eat real Italian Gelato
At first this was exciting. Just because that quote Ms. Ungermeyer said in the Lizzie McGuire movie "We got one word for that, and it's gelato. Keep in mind that Italian ice cream has about twice the sugar of American ice cream. Means you're gonna want about two scoops, huh? I know I do." Exciting the first time, and let me say this now: Ferrero Roche and Dulce de Leche (caramel) is the best combination of gelato flavors EVER. Anyway, once you see about 50 million gelato shops, the excitement is over, i'm serious, every freaking corner. its like McDonald's for America.

Walk around the Colosseum in Italy
Again, this I also did in France last trip in Nimes, but this one is a wonder of the world. I was absolutely in AWE when I was able to stand in front of it, think of all the gore and blood that came from the time it was built. Every stadium ever built was modeled after this Colosseum. People were killed, eaten, and tortured in the place I walked and watched from the seats I saw personally; it absolutely amazes me.

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

I think I almost cried. NOT in a good way. No tears of joy whatsoever, just of disappointment. The Trevi was being restored!! Yeah that's great and everything, but not when the 2 sides are covered, there's no water in the fountain, there's tons of stuff around it. Now, I don't need a coin to know I'm going back, I must GO BACK. There is NO WAY that the image of the Trevi that I have in my head will be left in this horrible way.

Another FYI, my friends and I ate at SPQR, a restaurant right by Piazza Navona. I was served the white wine on the right with out being asked for an ID, so I definitely look older than 18 to them (that's the drinking age there). That guy in the picture was our waiter. He could've been my Paolo Valisari and I could've gone to my first European discoteca, but well... it could've ended up like Taken... Not everything's a Disney movie *sigh*

The only songs and scenes on my mind the whole time in Italy:

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