Friday, December 14, 2012

Order something off of Jamba Juice's secret menu

Close to Christnmas in 2011, i went to Universal Studios with my cousin, her cousin Michael, and Michael's friend who's name i cant remember. Anyways, his friend got kind of claustophobic while we were waiting for something, and we had to get him to that little area on the side where they checked to see if he was okay.  hile my cousin Shirley, Michael and i were waiting for Michael's friend, Michael brought up something about a secret  enu. Shirley and i looked at him like O_o He started explaining about how Jamba Juice has this secret menu of unhealthy things that were like amazing. We still kindas didnt believe him; so when we got home, we looked it up. We found out there really WAS a secret menu! And to this day i've said i would order from it, but i always forget, so i have to remember next time i go.

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