Friday, December 7, 2012

Finish Mickey's Masterpiece and get another pin from the Disney Soda Fountain

A couple years ago for my friend's birthday, we went down Hollywood Blvd. to go to an ice cream place. We went to the Disney Soda Fountain. Our hair was the frizziest thing ever, and we looked pretty weird, but we all decided to stay there to have our ice cream. We chose the Mickey's Masterpiece, so every one of us (8 people) got a scoop. We got one of every flavor they had. No one liked peppermint, yet we accidentally got it anyways. We decided to stir the ice cream into ice cream soup to finish it faster, so we could get the pin. WORST. IDEA. EVER.  No one liked peppermint, and it was now mixed in with the rest of the ice cream, we ended up making the biggest mess ever, but we finished it and got the pins. Since then, i've been wanting to go back there, yet it never seems to work out. For Xiomara's 15 we almost ended up there, but the limodriver didn't listen -.- so we didn't go. So now im determined to go back and get another pin!

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