Thursday, November 29, 2012

Go to a masquerade ball

I've wanted to go to a masquerade ball for the longest time now. I can't quite remember when or the exact reason why, but its been a while. Well, now i might finally have the chance to go! :D According to the announcements in the morning, V.I.S.A.'s having a Spring Formal, a MASQUERADE BALL Spring Formal! Now i just have to go back to Placita Olver a and get that mask i wanted.. my aunt did say she'd buy it for me if i had somewhere to go..


  1. I'd also like to go to a masquerade ball, but im not sure if it'll be the way you would imagine it. hope you get to go and have a good time though

    1. It wasnt what it shouldve been, but it was still a Masquerade.. you shouldve gone :D

  2. I sincerely hope you are there right now. :-)