Friday, April 8, 2016

Become a Mad Science Scientist for a bit

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I've basically had this goal since I was seven. Back in 2nd grade there was this thing that started at school for the gifted (GATE) kids. We had no idea why we were called out of class and asked to go to room 4, but we all went. It turned out to be that Mad Science was this new program that we were all allowed to participate in, in exchange for most of our recess time. It became a weekly occurrence, at a certain time on Fridays, all the GATE kids would leave their classrooms and meet in room 4 to have Mad Science for an hour. There would be a new mad scientist every week with a wacky science related name such as "Supernova Shaina," or "Rocketscience Rob" or something more basic like "Mr. Atom." Every week we did a new experiment and got a take-home gift that was part of the experiment. We would all go back to class and have people swarm us to see what we got, it was great. I did it 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. Since then, I've wanted to be the one with a wacky name that conducts the cool experiment with the kids and gets to teach them about science and give them a little take home gift. So finally, last night I looked up the job requirements on aaaaand, well, basically I can't do it just yet. I need a license and a car (neither of which I have) and so that makes it impossible for now, but maybe in a couple years I could do it over a summer break.


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