Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dye my hair an unnatural color

My favorite!  I love the blending of the darker and lighter plums with medium brown: black hair with purple highlights: Alright so recently I was looking over the things on the bucket list to find my next tasks to take on. I came across the hair one and thought to myself, "Hey I could totally do this one, why haven't I done it yet?" I only recently (and by "recently" i mean August 2015) began dying my hair at all before I left to Madrid. Even then, its been highlights and a subtle lighter brown to go with it. When I got home I was thinking I should go back to my natural dark brown and get rid of the highlights. I've gotten so used to my hair being like this, yet I kind of miss the way it was. I had this pinterest board of hair things i liked and there was a couple pins that were a deep red or had some peekaboo colored highlights, even a couple dark to purple ombres. So I went on pinterest to look for something realistically with my hair. I wanted to include my favorite color (purple) so I thought the ombre would be nice, just to have my dark hair back partially, but I thought that it wouldn't be a complete cross off the list if it wasn't a bit more different. Then I found some options that are naturally darker at the top then go into a red-ish color and have purple and even some pink-ish/orange-ish highlights. That's about as unnatural as I'm willing to go, so I think that'll be my next hair change when I get home this summer.


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