Monday, August 15, 2016

Receive admittance to a Masters program overseas

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Simply because I am me, and I need to think of my future schooling while i have only completed my first year of school, I did just that at like 2am one day. I started off looking into internships abroad, particularly in Scotland because Edinburgh looks absolutely GORGEOUS (and Ruthie Camden did a semester there in high school on 7th Heaven xD). From looking into psychology research positions there, i decided to look into schools over there. I ended up on looking into cognitive psychology and neuroscience. I stumbled into the most amazing thing I could have possibly found while on this website: Educational Neuroscience as a major. I read into it, it was perfect. It's EXATLY what I want to do with neuroscience, I just never had the right terms. Everyone thinks I want to be some neurosugeon or other medically related career in the future when they hear my major is neuroscience, but no. I always end up explaining that I want to do research and implemen it back into education to change the shitty system we have. I even wrote a thesis paper on a related subject and solidified my stance. So when I found the term, the OFFICIAL major, I was ecstatic. Not only was it technically faster to get my degree in the UK, but it was in a field not widely known here in the US. Looking into it I saw the words "emerging scientific field" and maybe 3 schools that are researching it in the US, one being Columbia that has a 6% admit rate which is not a realistic possibility. Besides, I've always thought about moving to the UK anyway, so I might as well study there for a year and see if i really wanna stick out the sucky weather and distance from home. So my goal now is to go to Birkbeck University, if not, Uiversity College London (which has most classes on Birkbeck's campus) and I know, I said i had an interest in Scotland, but these are the places with te perfect major so what can i do? But I would want to  apply also to the University of Edinburgh for Cognitive Neuropsychology, which is basically my undergrad right now anyay. Well, we'll see how this goes in a couple of years when my time at Syracuse is up... wish me luck!

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