Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Teach English Abroad

When I thought oh life in the best way possible back in 10th grade for my Honors English obituary, I thought of a pretty basic timeline. I mentioned my past accurately (and have updated it as years have gone by) but when it came to my future, i wrote about school, study abroad, getting a job, getting married, and having kids. Kids right after my masters, and by then i'd have traveled through Asia and moved to the UK to study.
How I Left Home with $4000 and Traveled for 4 Years - Curiosity Travels:

But what if that was no longer the plan? I read on pinterest about a woman who went a different and non-traditional route, so what if i taught english in South Korea for a year, and saved up to do some travelling too? or what if i taught in central/south america and took some trips exploring there during my year? What if my masters came later? Either way, my point is that it doesnt have to be such a solid plan, and there are other options such as teaching abroad, teaching a semester at sea even. Outside the box thinking is the way to go.
I want to explore in the best way possible, and that would be perfect immersion with travel opportunities. By taking the courses not only could i teach abroad, but i could teach while here at home to those who have emmigrated. It is very practical and beneficial thing to do which I am definitely making a goal.

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