Friday, October 5, 2012

Go to all 6 DisneyWorld parks


 When I was 9, I went to Miami, Florida. While I was there, they surprised me with a trip to Orlando as well, to go to DisneyWorld. Disneyland here, is just one big park plus California Adventure, enough for a day. DisneyWORLD though, is 3 times the size. There's four land parks, AND two water ones. The day I went, I was only given the chance to go to the regular parks. I of course, wanted to see the water ones, especially Typhoon Lagoon, where Hanna Montana had recently performed. Of course, I was overjoyed already with just being there, but I was still a bit disappointed that I didn't see ALL of DisneyWorld. So since then, I've wanted to go back and see the other 2 parks.

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