Friday, December 21, 2012

Eat at the Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar, and Observatory

 The Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar, and Observatory I actually found while researching pictures of another undersea restaurant in Ithaa. The one in Ithaa was pretty plain, really small (it only seated 14 at a time! >:o), and it was super expensive($120-$250 per plate! D:<). This restaurant has much better architecture, its very lively and animated inside, and its A LOT bigger. Besides that, I don't even know where Ithaa is, this place is off the coast of India, and that gives me an excuse to travel  to the Taj Mahal, then visit Agnihotra and Sushant before I go home.
According to: Every feature in the restaurant resembles some sort of aquatic creature or coral, such as jellyfish stools, sea urchin lights, and starfish lamps. While the Ithaa screams “expensive,” the Red Sea Star shouts “fun!” That already sounds 10 times better than Ithaa. I looked at the picture of the outside though, and wondered how exactly it worked.. like, Was it brought up daily like the Ithaa one? or was it left there? So the website said:  "...and then descending 5 meters beneath the surface of the water. In the restaurant, thick plexiglass separates diners from the rest of the ocean as soon-to-be appetizers swim by the windows." So it has the same view basically, prettier inside, less expensive food, and there's actual room to socialize; I'm so glad i found this restaurant instead!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Order something off of Jamba Juice's secret menu

Close to Christnmas in 2011, i went to Universal Studios with my cousin, her cousin Michael, and Michael's friend who's name i cant remember. Anyways, his friend got kind of claustophobic while we were waiting for something, and we had to get him to that little area on the side where they checked to see if he was okay.  hile my cousin Shirley, Michael and i were waiting for Michael's friend, Michael brought up something about a secret  enu. Shirley and i looked at him like O_o He started explaining about how Jamba Juice has this secret menu of unhealthy things that were like amazing. We still kindas didnt believe him; so when we got home, we looked it up. We found out there really WAS a secret menu! And to this day i've said i would order from it, but i always forget, so i have to remember next time i go.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Finish Mickey's Masterpiece and get another pin from the Disney Soda Fountain

A couple years ago for my friend's birthday, we went down Hollywood Blvd. to go to an ice cream place. We went to the Disney Soda Fountain. Our hair was the frizziest thing ever, and we looked pretty weird, but we all decided to stay there to have our ice cream. We chose the Mickey's Masterpiece, so every one of us (8 people) got a scoop. We got one of every flavor they had. No one liked peppermint, yet we accidentally got it anyways. We decided to stir the ice cream into ice cream soup to finish it faster, so we could get the pin. WORST. IDEA. EVER.  No one liked peppermint, and it was now mixed in with the rest of the ice cream, we ended up making the biggest mess ever, but we finished it and got the pins. Since then, i've been wanting to go back there, yet it never seems to work out. For Xiomara's 15 we almost ended up there, but the limodriver didn't listen -.- so we didn't go. So now im determined to go back and get another pin!